Issue DateTitleIssue in Month Issue in Year View Detail
29-Jul-17 School Restart June 2017 View
06-Jul-17 P.T.M. July 2017 View
19-Jul-17 Unit Test July 2017 View
28-Jul-17 Monday Holiday July 2017 View
04-Aug-17 Raksha Bandhan Holiday August 2017 View
14-Aug-17 Independence Day Celebration August 2017 View
24-Aug-17 P.T.M. August August 2017 View
29-Aug-17 Eid ul zuha holiday August 2017 View
25-Sep-17 School Time change and Dusshera holidays. September 2017 View
16-Oct-17 Deepawali Holidays October 2017 View
26-Oct-17 Half day on 31st October October 2017 View
07-Nov-17 Chhehlum Holiday November 2017 View
13-Nov-17 holiday on account of Urs. November 2017 View
22-Nov-17 Holiday on 25th ,27,28,29 November 2017 View
07-Dec-17 Time Change December 2017 View
18-Jan-18 School Timings Change January 2018 View
29-Jul-16 Half Day on 30 july July 2016 View
12-Aug-16 15 August circular August 2016 View
16-Aug-16 Raksha Bandhan Holiday August 2016 View
24-Aug-16 Janmashtmi Holiday August 2016 View
29-Aug-16 Half day on 31Aug August 2016 View
01-Sep-16 5 September September 2016 View
12-Sep-16 Eid-Ul-Azha holiday September 2016 View
15-Sep-16 SA1 Starts from 15 September September 2016 View
28-Sep-16 Half day on 30/9/16 September 2016 View
06-Oct-16 Parent Teacher Meeting October 2016 View
07-Oct-16 Parent Teachers Meeting October 2016 View
07-Oct-16 Dusshera Holidays October 2016 View
07-Oct-16 Timing Change October 2016 View
26-Oct-16 DEEPAWALI HOLIDAYS October 2016 View
29-Nov-16 School Time Changee November 2016 View
29-Nov-16 Half Day on 3rd December November 2016 View
09-Dec-16 Eid Ul Milad Holiday December 2016 View
17-Dec-16 Holiday on 19 December December 2016 View
22-Dec-16 Holiday on 23rd December December 2016 View
27-Dec-16 winter break December 2016 View
25-Jan-17 Republic Day January 2017 View
30-Jan-17 Valedictory ceremony January 2017 View
06-Feb-17 Time change February 2017 View
06-Feb-17 Parent Teacher Meeting February 2017 View
09-Feb-17 School Time Change February 2017 View
22-Feb-17 Shivratri Holiday February 2017 View
03-Apr-17 Holiday on 5th April April 20174 View
10-Apr-17 Hazrat Ali`s Birthday April 2017 View
12-Apr-17 Good Friday Holiday April 2017 View
09-May-17 Shab-E-Barat holiday and PTM May 2017 View
01-Jun-17 Extra Classes June 2017 View
07-Feb-18 School Time Change February 2018 View
12-Feb-18 Mahashivratri Holiday February 2018 View
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