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School has Following Campus Facilities:

Science and Computer Laboratories

The school has four science laboratories well equipped for the purpose of enhancing practical applications, demonstrations and experimentation. The physics labs are provided with additional facilities and equipment to teach electronics and digital analysis. Two laboratories of computers of senior and junior classes are available.

Teach Next Smart Rooms

There are twenty four media rooms in the school, each is well equipped with an extensive array of equipment including computers and projectors. It has complete syllabus for all the classes with Video, Graphics, Maps and Mathematics articles.


We have one library containing learning and teaching resources that are available for all students. The school library also known as the Knowledge Support Centre (KSC) provides variety of interactive teaching resources.

Music and Dance Rooms

Two rooms to support music, dancing and singing are available. A selection of percussion instruments, drums, recorder and traditional instruments is complemented by a piano.

Multi-Purpose Hall

The multi-purpose hall with capacity of 2500 children is equipped with sound, stage, lighting and equipments to support school events.

Kindergarten Area

Kindergarten area is in a separate building. These students play in a safe and secure environment, designed especially for the enjoyment and capabilities of young children. The area is equipped with a variety of outdoor play equipments. 

Football Pitch

A football pitch and grassed areas are ideal for outdoor sport activities.

Swimming Pool

The school features a big proposed swimming pool which is under construction. It will give a different and identity to the school in Bareilly region.


We have an indoor recreation area, the gymnasium that is used for indoor activities and sports as required.

School Gardens

The entire school is flanked with lovely green ways and gardens that give the school a lush green atmosphere and plenty of space for students during break times.

Medical Care

The school has a well-equipped medical dispensary. All cases of injury or illness receive medical attention. Wherever specialized medical aid is required, emergency transport is available to take a student to hospital.

School Canteen

The school canteen provides a sumptuous food service during lunch and break times. It offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages. Hygiene and strict quality control of food are regarded as top priorities.

School Transport

Buses and vans are available for transporting students to and from school within the city. A list of charges is available with the school administrator.